Keeping up the trend…

Just posting this for the record.  No Earth-shattering developments in the weekly dinner front, but it’s a way to keep myself “honest” in my meal-planning and my posting.  Here’s what’s been on our plates.  What’s the best thing that’s been on yours? I could use a little inspiration! 🙂

  • Monday: Labor Day–burgers on the grill and green beans.  I had grander plans, but Little Miss was having a tired, fussy night so we waited to cook our dinner until she went to bed. And then the grill took forever. And then it was 9:00 and we were just sitting down to eat…that’s never a good sign.  The burgers were great, though!
  • Tuesday: Raid-the-fridge leftover night (told you it wasn’t an exciting menu!)
  • Wednesday: Fish with zucchini, black bean, and rice skillet (we made a few adjustments this time that really made this recipe shine–some herbs, vegetable broth instead of water, and a can of fire-roasted tomatoes instead of plain)
  • Thursday: Basil, chicken, and vegetable curry (more on this one later)
  • Friday: Mushroom and fontina ravioli with a vegetable (probably green beans…we had so many of them.)


  • Monday: Pizza
  • Tuesday: Peach-balsamic pork with sweet potatoes and asparagus
  • Wednesday: Raid-the-fridge leftover night, since I had Open House at the middle school and wasn’t home for dinner
  • Thursday: Mushroom, asparagus, and white cheddar quiche
  • Friday: Meatloaf (thanks, mom!), frozen vegetable medley with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and baby corn




One response

  1. It is hard to find new quick and easy satisfying meals. How about quick stir-frys using the Perdue chicken pieces already prepped and ready to slice, with lots of veggies? Substitute beef or pork, stir frys are great, add some rice, quinoa, or couscous to help when in a hurry.
    That should give you a break and some variety. You seem to have quite a handle on meals that always sound delicious!

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