Starting fresh

Sorry for the lack of menu from last week. We were away for a trip to see the families, so no meal-planning for us!

One of the best and worst things about a week away is cleaning out the fridge. On the one hand, it’s a nice fresh start. No worrying about leftovers, nothing hanging around that you feel obligated to eat but don’t really want to have again, nothing you dig out and wonder if it’s still okay to eat. On the other hand, we came home on Sunday and had nothing for lunches on Monday, no options to throw together, just some staples but no veggies or main dishes to work with.

Here’s how we’re building up our stock again this week:

  • Monday: Pork with peachy-mustard sauce, green beans, and biscuits
  • Tuesday: Oven-roasted chicken, corn fritters, and roasted broccoli (I could have just eaten a plate full of the corn fritters. I have eaten the entire recipe of corn fritters, on my own, in the past. No shame about that. But the chicken and broccoli was for the other, slightly less crazy, people in the house.)
  • Wednesday: Slow-cooker pineapple pork tacos, with either a salad or zucchini
  • Thursday: Resa’s blackened tilapia (we had so much fish curry before we left, we didn’t get around to making this, so I froze the fish), corn on the cob, zucchini, and biscuits
  • Friday: Fresh roasted red pepper pasta and spinach pasta, tossed with red pepper cream sauce (have I mentioned I love everything about the farmers’ market, beyond just the vegetables?), zucchini, and chicken

2 responses

  1. So well planned, I must start doing this. I won’t have the bountiful choices your farmer’s market gives, it all sounds so delicious. You are great inspiration to want good food everyday. Enjoy!

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