Being Thankful: The Little Things

Thanksgiving morning found us in Pittsburgh for the first time ever, celebrating as a family of three.  (Well, a family of three humans at least.  A family of four if you count the furry one.)  But it was a sunny morning, and while the little one slept, a bit tentatively, and while Chris took a turn holding her, I started in on making my first Thanksgiving feast.  I had taken advice from my favorite Food Network celebrities and made a timeline of what needed to get done and when, and my morning was to be dedicated to chopping carrots, parsnips, squash, leeks, potatoes, and bread cubes.  And so, I tested out my new little speakers, turned on The White Album, and got to work.

And lo and behold, when Chris and the slightly-fussy little one came in to check on me, and she heard the music and got into the warm sunniness of the kitchen, she settled down, alert but listening contentedly.  So we put her in her little chair and we did what we do best–we got to cooking together.  Eventually, she was done with the chair and ready to be held, so she and I danced around the kitchen, humming along to the Beatles and keeping Chris company while he finished up the chopping.

Later, the house would be filled with the smells of a home–the warm spices of the pumpkin pie, the rich herbiness of the turkey.  And even later than that, our table was full of delicious food.  The new recipes and preparations we tried were all winners.  The turkey was moist and flavorful, the stuffing was indeed sweet and savory, and all of the herbs in all of the dishes played off of each other wonderfully.

We had a beautiful morning, and I’m thankful for that warm moment in the kitchen, a glimmer of perfection.  I’m thankful for my beautiful little family, and for the wonderful food we shared together.  I’m thankful that we made the time to cook together again, and I can’t wait for the time when the little one will be able to join in–snapping green beans, stirring cookie dough, learning her way around the kitchen, and generally being a part of how much her mommy and daddy love creating and experiencing good food together.  I’m thankful for the day’s unseasonable sunshine and warm weather, our walk around the neighborhood, and (finally!) getting to dive in to the last of the beers we brought back from our honeymoon.  I’m thankful for the friends and family who called, texted, and were thinking of us, those who enriched the holiday and our lives.  I’m thankful for today, and I can’t wait for the tomorrows to come.

Our menu:
Herb-roasted turkey breast
Sweet and savory stuffing with root vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie
Gueuze (Belgian lambic beer)


3 responses

  1. Your beautifully written words describing your new family of 3 on Thanksgiving Day 2012, touched my heart. Your dinner looks so good and so lovingly prepared. May you all have a lifetime of good family memories, and lots and lots of good eats. God bless you all. =)

  2. What a beautiful day you had, and you recognized it; you found Orion. I couldn’t be happier for you.

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