A Simple Burrito, but So Delicious

This is just a quick post to share what might become a favorite summer recipe this year.  Chris and I tried this recipe for Vegetable and Rice Burritos a few weeks ago, and we liked it so much that we turned around and made it right away again the next week.  (This was made especially possible because the amount of ingredients that the recipe calls for left plenty to make it again–we still had half a zucchini, half of a container of sour cream, plenty of cheese and tortillas, etc.)  The recipe doesn’t sound like a big deal.  In fact, we almost didn’t try it, but I was just looking for something different and didn’t feel like making a meat dish, so we “settled.”  But it was truly a recipe where the whole was far greater than the sum of its parts.  Once they were cooked up, the cheese melted and the sour cream worked its way throughout, and everything just melded wonderfully.  Chris didn’t even miss the meat!

I’ll just link up to the recipe, as we really didn’t change anything.  For those of you who might be concerned about the heat (I’m looking at you, Mom…), while it wasn’t really too hot because of the sour cream, I imagine you could omit the jalapeno and could probably substitute some fresh parsley for the cilantro.  Also, we used a shredded Mexican blend of cheeses, as I can’t have the soft cheeses right now.  It was probably significantly cheaper and still made for a great burrito.

Check it out: Vegetable and Rice Burrito with Quesadilla Cheese from Cooking Light Magazine


2 responses

  1. *LOL* to the max. I can see you looking at me! ‘love the post!
    And, with substitutions, I will give it a try! =)

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