Stock Photos Ahead


This New Year’s Day, we undertook a new and interesting challenge: homemade chicken stock!  We’ve been saving chicken carcasses in the freezer for a couple months (have I mentioned lately how much I love having a second freezer in the basement?) and I was just waiting for a good time to use them.  Of course, if you’re going to do something like homemade chicken stock, you need an appropriate guide through the process–so we turned to Alton for advice.

He didn’t steer us wrong.  (Well, I don’t think so, anyway.  In fairness, we haven’t actually made anything with the stock yet…but I can’t wait until we do!)  It was an all-day project, but it wasn’t really labor-intensive; it was just a matter of skimming the top every half hour for a few hours, and checking it to make sure it was still at a simmer.

This made the house super-cozy for two reasons: the steam that covered every window in the downstairs by the end of the day and the wonderful smells emanating from the kitchen.  It smelled rich and herby, and anytime we came back to the 1st floor from being upstairs or in the basement, we were hit with the aroma all over again.  I recognize the finished product might not look like much in pictures, but in person, it even looks deeply flavorful.

Since we simply followed Alton’s directions step by step, and because they’re fairly lengthy, I’m not going to post the whole thing here.  But here’s a link to his “application” for chicken stock.


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  1. I made a turkey a couple weeks ago just so I could have the meat for my lunches and afterwards the carcass was just going to go to waste… so I turned it into stock / cooked it to let the meat fall off the bone and made soup!!! So I definetly identify with the aroma comment… mmmm!

  2. Wow! That is a great way to start the new year as a real “foodie” !!! Good for you both for taking on such a simple, but time-consuming task. I am sure the end result will be worth every single morsel. Enjoy! ….and let us know where you decided to use the homemade goodness. More recipes to follow I hope! =)

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