Gratitude, East End style

For the second year running, we’ve enjoyed a fine offering from East End Brewing with our New Year’s dinner.  Chris and I cracked open a treasure we’ve been hoarding for a while, figuring toasting a new year would be an appropriate time to dig in and drink up.  Here’s our East End Gratitude,, yellow edition (brewed in 2007)–this is the beer Chris got as a “thank you” for helping out with one of their bottling projects.  It was a wonderful barleywine, reminiscent of a rich Belgian with a bit of toffee-sweetness and a just hint of alcohol. I also got some tastes and aromas of raisins and fruits.  It was a the perfect beer for bidding a “grateful” farewell to 2011 and toasting to a happy, healthy 2012!



One response

  1. The designer in me wants to comment more on the picture itself, rather than the wonderful description of the main focus, which of course, is the beer.
    The blurred background of the Christmas tree lights is perfect!!! The draping of the New Year garland over top of the glass gives real meaning to toasting the New Year and all the goodness it will bring.
    Well done! Well done, indeed!
    I hope the beer did not disappoint. A well kept treat is most enjoyable when the occasion is just right.
    Happy 2012 to you and Chris, and may you enjoy many “Good Eats”. =)

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