It’s Christmas Time in the City!

Yesterday morning was a wonderful foodie adventure in holiday shopping and city living.  Chris and I headed down to the Strip to take care of the bulk of our holiday shopping–for our friends, family, and even for each other.  I wish I had some pictures, but as I said to Chris, this was a business trip–no room for slinging cameras around my neck, I planned on bringing back as much loot as I could carry.

And we pretty much did.  I insisted on finding the Enrico Biscotti company’s stand outside and getting some biscotti and a nut roll for the holidays, and we bought lots of other goodies for the people on our list.  We got lunch at the Pittsburgh Public Market, which was bustling with activity and holiday shopping.  I got a wonderful grilled cheese and spinach-pine nut-feta soup from Soup Nancy’s, and it was the perfect lunch on a snowy winter day.  The soup was thick, with hints of spinach and potato and perhaps some basil, and the sharpness of the feta and crunch of pine nuts were pleasant surprises along the way.  Chris got a jerk chicken sandwich, which he said was good but a little spicier than he expected.  He also got some pierogies, fried up with some onion.  A nice little treat!  (I’d list the other goodies we got, but you never know who might be reading.  No Christmas gift secrets here today, folks! 🙂 )

We finished our evening with sandwiches and beer at Blue Dust.  (Avery Brewing Company’s Old Jubilation for me–a well-balanced but fairly malty offering.  A little nutty, few spices, quite drinkable.  Especially with artichoke dip to start and their brisket sandwich for a main course, some of my favorite offerings.)  We closed with the new Muppet Movie, which was a wonderful romp through song, dance, and old-fashioned muppet zaniness.  All in all, a pretty successful day!


2 responses

  1. Great places all… surprised you got into Blue Dust on a Saturday eve. What a couple of happy urbanites you are! Good for you.

  2. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful day ….”Christmastime in the city”. ‘warms my heart, back here in the ‘burbs. … also sounds delicious! =)

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