Dogfish Head Tasting Notes and Some Pictures

Tasting Notes:

1. 60 Minute IPA: I can appreciate the finely-crafted nature of this beer and I can see why hop enthusiasts might enjoy it.  A little citrusy, very crisp, and very hoppy, it definitely has a kick to it.  A very nice specimen of the style–unfortunately, it also reinforced that IPAs just aren’t really my beer style of choice.

2. 90 Minute IPA: After finding the hoppiness of the 60 minute a bit too much for my taste, I was a little leery of the 90 Minute–and was very pleased with the smoothness of this beer. There was still the grassy freshness I associate with hops, but it was balanced with some more malty notes.  It didn’t finish with as much bitterness as the 60 Minute.  This is an IPA I could get behind.

3. Burton Baton: We waited until we could get this beer filtered through Randall the Enamel Animal (see above picture).  Basically, he’s a way to allow the draft beer to get a little extra kick by filtering through fresh hops on its way to my glass.  It seemed to add an extra freshness and brightness to the beer.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one.  The hops weren’t overpowering, and the beer was smooth and complex.  This was definitely my favorite of the day.

4. 120 Minute IPA: This was the fourth and final sample after the tour.  Another one in the category of “things I’m glad to have tried,” this beer was a little too extreme for me.  Too much hops character, too much sweetness, and too much alcohol.  It contained that caramel-syrupy-sweetness that tends to overlay beers of such high alcohol content–this one clocks in at anywhere from 16-20%, though it usually ends up around 18%. There wasn’t much carbonation, something that Chris liked.  He enjoyed this one more than I did.

(Dinner) Black and Red: A strong, nearly overpowering minted stout.  There was some fruitiness and some chocolate character that you would expect from a stout, but I found the spearmint flavor to be a bit too much.  While I’m absolutely glad to have tried it, it’s not one of my favorite Dogfish selections–not even necessarily a favorite that I tried today.


3 responses

  1. Seems like you spent 3/4 of your tasting on the IPAs, which you acknowledge are not your favorites. Were there other choices?

    • Good question–I guess I wasn’t real clear on that in the post. There are (or were, at least on that day) 4 set beers for tasting. You got 4 little dogfish cutouts, and you tried the four beers they’d chosen for that day. We happened to be there on IPA Day, so the first four beers I listed were the daily selections. IPA Day wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I was still really glad to be there and I tried some things that I might not have tried otherwise, so I’ll call it a success!

  2. hmmmm….now, you realized this comment is coming from me, hardly an expert, quite the novice, but I must say the last one caught my attention, mint, chocholate, fruitness, I would try this one, a sip or two, of course! =)
    ‘sounds like you and Chris had fun, good for you!

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