Things I Like Today: Dogfish Head Beer Edition

Today’s post is going to be equal parts love and gloating.

Here’s the love: Dogfish Head brewing, for those of you who know little about my beer-drinking tendencies, is probably my favorite brewing company out there.  While Troegs, Victory, and East End also have special places in my heart, much of the nostalgia there is location-based–and part of our ability to get it has a lot to do with where we are and where we’ve lived.  Chris likes to say he “grew up” on Troegs, as our local beer choice while at Dickinson; Victory brings back memories of my time with Cryssy in West Chester; East End is part and parcel of our Pittsburgh experience, and it’s been awesome to see them growing over the time we’ve been here.  They all make darned good beer, too.  But if I had to pick just one company, difficult as it may be, Dogfish Head would be it.  They make such artful, unique beers, and they’ve garnered a lot of media attention lately for their work with ancient recipes and diverse global ingredients.  They’re always coming up with something new, innovative, and tasty.

Also?  Having a quote by Emerson as your “long-vision” for your company philosophy wins you major points in my book.

This love-fest for Dogfish Head is brought about by the reason I get to gloat a little bit: the brewery tour!  We’ve gone to the brewpub every year that we’ve been able to make it to Ocean City.  One year, we met up with Brendan, a friend from college whose parents had a house near Ocean City, and checked it out with him.  One year we were there during some epic power outage.  But this year, we’re one-upping ourselves.  Chris, his dad, his stepmom, his brother, and I are all going to head up to Milton, DE, on Thursday for the brewery tour, then we’ll all troop down to Rehoboth to hang out until we can get some dinner at the brewpub.  And I am somewhere beyond thrilled for all of this.  The tour is going to be awesome.  We’ve toured some other breweries, from microbreweries like Troegs, to authentic Belgian breweries Cantillon and De Halve Maan and major German brewery Paulaner on our honeymoon, so I’m excited to add another one of my favorites to the list.  And their brewpub just sweetens the deal.

For example, on tap now?  Sure, there’s the standards like their IPAs (which I find less interesting. They’re well done, but IPA just isn’t my style) or their Chicory Stout (which might be one of my all-time favorites.  I was so sad when they started making it a seasonal beer instead of a year-round offering!).  But also? A whole host of more difficult-to-obtain beers I haven’t tried yet:

  • Burton Baton (occasional rarity)
  • Sahtea (occasional rarity)
  • My Antonia (occasional rarity)
  • Namaste (occasional rarity)
  • Black & Red (occasional rarity)
  • Zeno (brewpub only!)

I am absolutely going to have to get a sampler when we’re there, because my little heart is racing a little just looking at all the offerings!  (In all fairness, I think I’ve seen the Namaste and My Antonia at Blue Dust before, and I think I’ve seen the Sahtea at another local place, but I haven’t tried them yet.  And I haven’t ever seen the other three around.)

I can’t wait for August!

(Suggestions on other beers to try?  Things to do around Rehoboth?  Chime in and let me know! 🙂 )


8 responses

  1. I love DFH. 90 Minute is my all-time favorite beer. Took quite a shine to Aprihop this spring as well.

    Zeno is the only beer on your list that I haven’t seen locally in the ‘burgh in various bars or six-pack shops. Market District has carried quite a few of them.

    Have a great time on the tour! Sounds like tons of fun.

    • I totally hear you about the Aprihop. I found that two years ago and was quite a fan. it’s a great, refreshing spring brew.

      I’ve seen most of them around here, too, at Blue Dust or at Dee’s 6-pack shop. Unfortunately, the Market District in Shadyside doesn’t carry beer. (The Giant Eagle at the Waterfront does, but their selection isn’t as exciting.)


  2. I saw an article about beer archaeology and DFH in a recent issue of Smithsonian. I’ll forward it to you in case you guys hadn’t seen it.

    Enjoy the tour, etc. We’ll expect a full report.

    • Thanks! We actually saw that in its online version–but it didn’t have all the pictures in it. Thanks for sending it along.

      I can’t wait for the tour. Don’t worry–I’m certain you’ll get the full report when we come home!

  3. Their peanut butter vodka is practically a dessert, as is their fresh fruit Sangria. But I don’t know how well it will mix with the beer! And if you check out the advertisement book they have out in lots of places, there’s a coupon for a free pub glass if you spend ten dollars at the brew pub. We didn’t do the tour, just several samplers and apps.
    Oh, and there are some EXCELLENT crepes made by a french couple just a few blocks down from the brew pub (in the direction of the beach), a little alley full of shops and in the middle is a take out window. Highly recommend!

    • Thanks for the tips. I am definitely doing to have to see if I can find that coupon. I’m quite certain we’d spend $10, and I’m all about adding to our pint glass collection.
      And we’re going to have some time to wander around town, so maybe we’ll check out the crepe place, too! Thanks for the suggestions!
      If you see this reply before I message you back on Facebook, I got your message–and I’m mulling it over for a day or two to think up your best options. I’ll get back to you with some awesome suggestions for touring around my city! 🙂

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