Things I Like Today:

  • Freshly groomed schnauzers:  They are even softer than usual.  They smell like baby powder and cleanliness.  They have silky skirts and delicate beards and eyebrows.  And they usually are so tired they just want to stretch out on the couch for a nap.  What else does a girl need?
  • Fruit smoothies: Nothing says summer to me like fresh fruit smoothies.  I suppose with my frozen fruit, I could make them at any time, but I never do.  Part of it might simply be time, too.  At no other point in the year do I have the extra time to blend up some fruit for a snack like this–which makes me a little sad for the state of my schedule!  But I love this part of summer, with all the fresh fruit.  And one of the best things about a smoothie is that it also helps balance out any imperfections in the fruit.  Peaches’ texture a little off?  No matter!  Bananas a little over- or under-ripe?  You’ll never be able to tell!  You get a refreshing beverage that just makes you feel super healthy.  That’s surely something to love.
  • Watching anime over lunch: After enjoying some cuddles with my freshly-groomed schnauzer this morning, I settled in to work and she settled in under my chair.  For my lunch break today, I decided to relive my college days and watched some anime with my lunch.  I enjoy a little televised company over lunch, whether it be bad Food Network TV or something else.  So on a whim and for something different, I sought out an anime series I could get into, and I realized it’s been years since I’ve had an opportunity to watch anything like this.  I’m enjoying dorking out for 25 minutes over lunches!

One response

  1. First of all, Raven looks great. ‘love her big brown eyes! =)

    Next, how wonderful that you are enjoying the simple pleasures of summer.

    All teachers need a good, relaxing, fun summer. I know you are finishing up your Master’s degree, and have some work to do, but how nice that you are able to enjoy the summer’s goodness. =)

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