A Rude Welcome

“Welcome back to Pittsburgh,” said Mother Nature.

And then she slapped me across the face.

I had a lovely weekend: a beautiful baby shower, hanging out with the parents and the puppies, water ice with an old friend.  It was great!  Then I came home, enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie, then headed out to the farmers’ market. I didn’t really want to drive out there after spending 5 hours in a car, but I knew I would regret it all week if I didn’t pick up some fruits and veggies for us to enjoy.  I got some blueberries and black raspberries, and chatted about produce with my favorite fruit farmer.  Then I got a stuffing zucchini, which looks comical–a tubby little sphere with zucchini coloring.  And I was about to get some breakfast sausage for this weekend when it hit.

Torrential rain.  Gusts of wind.  Farmers’ tents were upended into their trucks, their produce bins knocked over and, in some sorry cases, the fruits and veggies crushed underneath.  I got to help hold down a tent so it didn’t blow away.  And finally, the gusts of winds let up, but the rain didn’t, and it didn’t look like it was going to at any point soon.  So I trudged back to my car–I was already soaked, so why bother running?–tried to wait it out by dripping morosely on my steering wheel for a bit, and eventually gave up and headed home.

…to find that our beautiful tomato plants had not made out so well in the storm. Our three tallest plants snapped, the caged one blew over and was a tangled mess, and the peppers were about ready to topple under the weight of the tomato plants.  And since I was already soaked through, I tried to readjust them as best I could to retie the broken parts and support the tomatoes.  We had some of the heirloom tomatoes that were really coming along nicely, but we’ll have to see if the branches held up.

Not a stellar day in the produce department.


One response

  1. Oh, the force of Mother Nature, unsure of it’s reasoning, unstoppable and mighty. On the reverse side, she shows beauty in many seasons…..

    Okay, back to the bad storm. Sorry to hear about the destruction, hopefully, things will recover and burst forward with new growth, especially with the help of some MiracleGrow.
    ‘glad no other real damage was done to people or homes.
    Continue on to enjoy the fruits and veggies of your summer garden. Enjoy cooking with summer goodness, share recipes, and take pics! We love ’em! =)

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