Busy Days and the Links that Get Me Through Them

So, it’s been a hectic, overwhelming sort of week and the weekend isn’t going to get any better, with the bibliography for my comprehensive exam due on Tuesday.  Thus, no posts about food or other excitement this week.  It’s time to hunker down and read and write.

But, despite all that, I had to share a link that made me smile: Monica Bhide’s wonderful interview with Aarti from the Food Network.  Anyone who follows this blog knows I love Aarti and was thrilled she won Food Network Star.  Chris and I have tried a number of her recipes.  She’s apparently filming her third season of her show, which I am excited to see–I wish they would give her a better time slot. Last season it was around noon on Sundays, and this season it’s 9 a.m. on Saturday…but at least she’s on weekends so I can usually watch it.  Anyway, check out the interview, because Aarti really is a lovely and fascinating person.

Here’s a snapshot, one of my favorite quotes from it:

“Well, I really started learning to cook because I thought that was just what grown up women did!  My mum was always so proud of the food she’d make — cooking wasn’t just about feeding us, it was about expressing our heritage or experimenting with a new ingredient or showcasing some incredibly fresh vegetables.  I felt like I had to carry on that tradition.  Cooking is something you can be proud of yourself for accomplishing — but free from stress and high stakes.”


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