New! Things I Like Thursdays

I’m blatantly and completely stealing this idea from Kristin, who was a FR student and thespian just as I was getting involved with the group, and now she’s a fellow Pitt student and future teacher.  We’re friends through Facebook, and I see her posts on Thursday, and I love this idea.  I don’t think it’s her original idea–I see other blogs do it, as well–but I’ll credit her.

I’m going to try starting a “Things I Like Thursdays”, too.  For three main reasons.

  1. I like the positivity.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: a list of things that make me happy, or have made me happy over the past week.  It forces me to stop my crazy-hectic life and find at least two or three points of brightness at that moment–which can be hard when life is roaring on around you.  Consider it a zen moment in the midst of a lot of other commotion.  We all need that, one way or another, every now and again.
  2. It will (hopefully) keep me writing.  My goal for this year was to keep a consistent stream of posts going on this blog, and I’ve been fairly successful…except for when the play hit.  And then it was difficult to get back into it.  (Note the two month absence around October/November and then the four-month hiatus from March until June?)  This will keep me writing at least once a week, even if it’s just a simple list.  It won’t take a lot of time, but it will keep this humble little blog at the forefront of my mind, and then maybe it’ll be easier to keep up with the other posts.
  3. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want!  🙂  I’ll still keep my posts food-centric, and probably a number of my “things I like” will be, too, because that’s just how I roll.  But this will let me include other snippets of things that make me happy, guilt-free.  Because what else is blogging all about, really?

And so, here I go!  Things I Like Thursday, part one:

  • Strawberries.  You had to know this one would be first.  They don’t call me strawberry pi for nothing!  When they’re freshly picked and real, like they have been this past week or two, I could live off of them.  I’ve eaten strawberries every day for about the past two weeks.  And I’m realizing that maybe it’s a good thing that they have such a glorious and short season, because it makes it that much more special.  I have an excuse to gorge myself on strawberries, knowing they won’t be back around, at least not like this, for another year.  So two weeks is okay by me.  Short enough that I don’t get sick of them, long enough to dig in and enjoy it.  Just don’t blink, because you’re liable to miss it!
  • Dinner Parties.  I love having people over and cooking for them.  This could be something elaborate, or it could just be grilling up some burgers and fixing s’mores after.  But there’s something so neat and so much fun about sharing food with people, especially those you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.  Tonight’s going to feature some tapas-inspired dishes and homemade sangria–we’ll see how that works out!
  • Reclaiming my House.  After a particularly stressful end of the year, I don’t even want to admit to how terrible my house looked by the end of the year.  Stuff everywhere, carpets in dire need of vacuuming, dishes piling up for days at a time, and a smelly dog to top it all off.  Well, thanks to the dinner party tonight, I have reclaimed my house from the piles of stuff, the dirt, and the smelly dog.  (Okay, so she still owns the house, but at least she does so with clean little paws now.)  Things are dusted, put away, vacuumed, swiffered, and generally shiny–and I feel so much better about it.

And that’s it for this week, because I have things to prep for dinner tonight!

Much as I love the strawberry picture, it’s not mine.  Find the original here.


One response

  1. ‘love the concept, I’ll look forward to Thursdays.
    Sharing a meal with friends and/or family, how wonderful!
    Bon Appetit! =) and have fun!

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