Makin’ a Meal of Strawberries

So, what does one do when one has a fridge full of strawberries?  (Buy more at the farmers’ market today?  Yes, please!)

Okay, what else does one do with a fridge full of strawberries?  I’m exploring that question.  As promised, I have the first couple experiments with working strawberries into our meals.  The first was yesterday’s brunch.  After a morning of intense weeding, I made us Strawberry-Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast.  It was delectable!  We made a couple changes, like adding cream cheese on both sides of the “sandwich” to help it stick together better, but this recipe was amazing.  Definitely will be making this one again.

Tonight, we tried Grilled Steelhead Trout with Pineapple, Mango, and Strawberry Salsa.  Another winner!  We fudged the recipe for “Essence” because we didn’t have everything it called for, and we didn’t want to make it too spicy.  However Chris combined the spices, they worked, and the salsa helped cool down the heat of the fish.  (Chris was also especially proud of his grill marks on the fish, so I’ll give you a picture with and without the salsa.)  The salsa was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  I’ll have to see what else I can use it on, because I’m definitely a fan.  And all of this was complemented with a salad of fresh butterhead lettuce…from our own garden!


2 responses

  1. You just cannot have enough strawberries when they are in season. You certainly are showing that in these incredibly delicious-looking recipes. You and Chris deserve your own show on the Food Network.
    I can feel the love in your food, as Emeril would say.
    You both are amazing. Chris, I love the grill marks on the fish. Well done, well done, indeed!
    I’ll bet the fresh butterhead lettuce from your garden was the best you ever tasted. Good for you!
    ‘ wishing you both a wonderful summer full of good things from your garden and farm fresh food as well.
    Bon Appetit!
    ‘almost forgot, and, Strawberry-Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast!!! my, oh my! =)

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