A Day Full of Strawberries

Today way a day full of strawberries–which may, arguably, be the best kind.

Chris and I had planned on going berry picking today for a couple weeks, and while we couldn’t go to the same farm we went to last year (they got overpicked at their strawberry festival last week), we were able to take a slightly longer trip and still get our berries.  We went to the same place where we’ve picked apples in the fall, Simmons Farm.  It’s a bit of a trek, but it’s a pleasant drive, and we had the Beatles to accompany our drive out to the “country,” so all was well.

We didn’t beat last year’s total–we only picked 8 pounds of berries this year–but are they ever good!  Between the farmer’s market and the pick-your-own berries, my faith in strawberries is restored.  I always get impatient, and I buy grocery store strawberries, and then I’m sorely disappointed.  But then we get wonderful berries as they were meant to be from places like this, and I could just eat them all day.

And I just might.  Because I eat them in cereal and almost always with my lunch.  And I have a number of dinners planned out that feature strawberries as part of the main course, so I’ll let you know how they go.  We had some tonight, in a salad with pea greens from the farmer’s market and some berry-balsamic dressing (I didn’t make the dressing, but it was still tasty nonetheless.)  Tonight, I made Dana’s strawberry balsamic sauce again because my supplies in the freezer were running low.  I have some berries to freeze.  And I have angel food cake for a variation on strawberry shortcake.

So right now, life is full of strawberries.  And that, my friends, is a very good thing.


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