What You’ve Missed…

Since LIFE happened and things got crazy-busy over the past two or three months, here’s the photo-recap of what we’ve been cooking–and growing.  We’ve made a new attempt on a German classic, an attempt at an Indian restaurant favorite, and some beginnings of summer grilling goodness (with a homebrew for good measure).  We’ve planted a serious garden, with peppers and basil and sweet potatoes and asparagus–and of course, tomatoes.  The tomatoes are my pride and joy, and they’ve just taken off in the past couple of weeks; soon I hope to have red and striped and black cherry tomatoes for lunch!

So, here’s too good eating and drinking and gardening, even in the busiest of times.  Prost!


One response

  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! The food, perfectly photographed, looks so delicious, and impeccably plated, deserves to be on the cover of a foodie magazine. The garden looks amazing.
    I wish you both a great foodie summer with lots of good food straight from your own garden, as well as local farmer feasts, and a good homebrew too.
    I wish you lots of sunshine and enough rain to help produce the best of a city garden 2011.
    Bon Appetit!

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