Why I am Never Buying Alfredo Sauce in a Jar Again.

I had a deep-rooted desire for alfredo sauce last night.  We were planning on making some angel hair pasta to go with the meat sauce from last week, but I wanted alfredo sauce and peas.  And we happened to have some cream from our latest Indian food exploits (but that is, as Alton would say, another show).  And so, I looked up a recipe, marveled at how easy it sounded, figured it could never actually be that easy, and gave it a try.

And it was that easy!  And so rich and delicious–and with the peas, I felt a (little) better eating a bowlful of it.  Granted, with so much cream and cheese, it’s definitely a “sometimes” food, but it was so good!  Here’s the recipe I found, for 4 servings.  I halved it.

1. Melt 4 Tbsp better in a saucepan.  (I also added the clove of garlic, minced, here.)
2. Add 1 cup heavy cream.  (I had half-and-half, and it worked just fine.)  Bring to a low boil, then simmer for 5 minutes.
3. Add 1 1/2 cups of Parmesan cheese (we generally only have Romano, so I used that.  I liked the added sharpness).  Whisk until creamy, then serve over pasta immediately.

That’s it!  And you’re on your way to decadence on a plate.


6 responses

  1. Yes, isn’t it surprising how many things made at home from scratch take no time at all and taste so much better? I can take you one step further on the easy path.
    I once took a cooking class many, many years ago and we made fettuchini alfredo using much of the same ingredients. Here is my tip to you: while the pasta is in the pot boiling away, you can get a metal bowl that fits the pot you are using for the pasta, place it right over top of the water in that pot, and add your ingredients, butter, cream/milk and cheese. Using a whisk, you can get the consistancy you want, sauce finished, pasta completed. Although I remember that from long ago, I still continue to use a seperate saucepan for the sauce. ‘ just thought I’d throw that out there. =) ‘love pasta and peas alfredo. Also, for a change, try adding a bit of diced fried ham or bacon. We actually had that tonight, only instead of alfredo sauce, we just used some grated parmesan cheese. Yummy!

    • That’s a neat, different way to make alfredo. I never would have thought of that set-up. I think it might be a little awkward, it’s an interesting idea. I also like the idea of adding bacon. We’ve done something similar in the past with prosciutto and peas–we like that over tortellini–though never with homemade alfredo sauce!

  2. I do peas and proscuitto in my alfredo…and usually add some other cheeses in the sauce as well. I also cook pasta just under the time allotted. It gets the last of its cooking heat when I toss it with the sauce.

    Also, tip I learned from a restaurant (not that I do it very often). To keep the sauce from getting cold to quickly at the table – soak your serving dishes in hot water. The dish will keep the heat and thus keep your sauce from getting all hard and sticky.

    By the way, I made it last night, although i wimped out a bit. I actually found a really good local frozen alfredo sauce here that I don’t mind using if I want a little less work in the kitchen.

    • Resa, I love your tip about keeping the dishes warm. That would have been helpful. Plus, Chris will tell you that I’m crazy and like my food to be super-hot-just-barely-cooling-than-boiling…and warmer dishes can help keep the food hotter! I’m so going to try that next time.
      And I’m all about cutting corners where you can, and when you can still have a good finished product. Lucky you for finding a local product that’s really good!

  3. Hi, Suzy, Dana’s mom here. We LOVE alfredo sauce and long ago I learned the secret ingredient that really gives it that extra special taste, a nice big pinch of ground nutmeg! MMMMMM

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