Valentine’s Day, Foodie Style

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like your husband coming to the door with roses and a growler of East End Chocolate-Covered Cherry stout.   And, I suppose in return, nothing says love like baking said husband homemade chocolate-chip cookies. We know each other’s weakness.  🙂

To celebrate, we decided to try out one of the places we’re been dying to try for a while, Salt of the Earth.  It’s a relative newcomer to the Pittsburgh food scene, but it generated quite a bit of buzz when it first opened.  (We went out the day after Valentine’s Day, really, but that also happens to be the anniversary of us first getting together–so we’ve been together for 7 years now! Crazy, huh?)

Salt was really interesting.  The menu is written on giant chalkboards along the wall and changes every night–and the boards are updated whenever they make a change or run out of something even in the middle of the night.  The presentation of everything was very artful.  (I wanted to take pictures, but for one thing, the light was low, and for another, I didn’t want to be one of those people.  So I admired and ate it sans photography.)  Everything was very good, too.  For an appetizer, we had a venison carpaccio with Douglas fir, blood oranges, white chocolate–not flavors I ever would have thought to put together, but it worked quite well.   For an entrée, Chris had the pork tenderloin with red cabbage, apple cider, and celeriac, and I had the Arctic char with coconut milk-Isreali couscous, bok choy, pomegranate reduction, and coconut and white cheddar flakes.  It was so good.  The couscous was rich and flavorful, and it complemented the fish very well.  It also worked well with the saltiness of the bok choy, although that was a little much for me by the end.  And the sweet pomegranate was a nice addition, as well.

Over all, a fun excursion and successful quest for new food!  We’ll definitely be going back.


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  1. Ah, makes a dad feel good. What would have made this dad feel even better would have been more description of the stout.

    • Indeed! Honestly, we couldn’t distinguish the taste of it, but it was apparently in there. It just sounds cool to be able to say we ate a Christmas tree! 🙂
      PS – Glad you found the blog! I’ve been meaning to send you a link…

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