A World Without Tastykakes?

This morning, my Facebook news feed was assaulted by some shocking news, as I was prompted to consider the ramifications of a snack-food world without Tastykake.  Which, clearly, would be a far inferior and far less tasty world than one with Tastykakes in it. (The article outlined how Tastykake is facing financial troubles and is considering having to either sell the company or merge with another, larger company–you can read the story here.)  For the sake of my occasional snack food indulgences, the happiness of my husband at lunch time, and the preservation and creation of happy snack food memories, this is bad news.

I can remember, when I was quite a bit younger, my family putting together packages for my Uncle Bill.  (Actually my…great-uncle?  But he was always just Uncle Bill.)  We’d send him his favorite Philly-area goodies that he couldn’t get out where he was–Wise potato chips and Tastykakes.

From my college years, I remember nearly having a heart attack when trying to explain Tastykakes to the ignorant masses, who would reply, “Oh, so it’s like Little Debbie.”  I’d have to suffice with, “Well…I guess…only so much better.”  (Kind of like how I had to explain Rita’s water ice wasn’t Italian ice like you get from the grocery store freezer–only they ended up opening one at the end of my freshman year on the outskirts of Carlisle, and we took a hall-wide field trip to prove Rita’s awesomeness.)

Chris likes to say he got fired over a Tastykake.  (If you don’t know the infuriating story, well, this is neither the time nor the place for it.)  He buys them religiously and we almost always have a stash of either Kandy Kakes or Butterscotch Krimpets in our cabinet.  The article talks about their fruit pies, which we can’t seem to get out here.  I was also a fan of their chocolate chip bars, oatmeal raisin bars, and fudge bars, but come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen them out here, either.

So, go buy a package of Tastykakes, or two, or twelve.  Because they’re as wonderfully, unduplicatably Philly as, well, Wawa and hoagies and cheese steaks and such.  Chris and I do our part–will you do yours?  🙂

(On a more serious note, the article actually had some interesting suggestions, too.  I wonder if the company will do anything differently to try and save its products.)


4 responses

  1. Well, I must admit that I was not aware of the importance of Tastykakes to you and Chris. Tastykakes have been around a long time, yes, even in my younger years. I cannot imagine life without them. They became Dad’s quick breakfast when he had to catch a train at 5:30am, and he needed something really quick and easy.
    My favorites have always been the peanut butter kandykakes and butterscotch krimpets. Little did I know that there is always a stash of them in your cabinet.
    Note to Chris: better find a better hiding place for them when we are visiting! =)
    Note to Suz: Remind me to bring along some of your favorites that are not available in the Pittsburgh area. =)
    Signed: A tastykake lover from long ago! (who is running out in the snow to buy some….)

  2. Trust me, there is nothing better than a Creme-Filled Coffee Cake or a traditional Chocolate-covered Cupcake and a glass of cold milk to start your day… and end your day, too, for that matter.

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