The Twelfth Beer of Christmas: Noël des Géants

The last one!  The night before I had to go back to school after the holidays, Chris and I split a new Belgian beer, the Noël des Géants.  I knew nothing about it other than the fact that is was Belgian, and seeing as we like Belgian beers, I picked it up. It wasn’t one of our favorites, but it was interesting.  (Chris favored it more than I, though I found it enjoyable enough.)  The smell was rich and sweet–we got hints of plum, but also some of the cloying scent of alcohol.  It’s over 8%, so I guess this isn’t really a surprise.  The beer itself was a pretty color–I tried to get a picture of it, to varying degrees of success.  As far as taste goes, I initially got a strong alcohol flavor, but it tapered down into a caramel and plum sweetness.  The initial carbonation was a little strong, too, but that also eased up as the beer warmed up.  Overall, while I enjoyed this one much more than the Scaldis Noel, I think it still may be safe to say that there’s something about the Belgian holiday styles–Belgain candy sugar, perhaps?–that I don’t like quite as much as other styles.

(And through it all, Raven remained stoic and unmoved.  She’s tired of this already.)

And overall, I was, too.  I think I’ve decided that I will not undertake this challenge again.  Was it really interesting, forcing me to sample a wide variety of beers all claiming to be a particular seasonal style?  Certainly.  Did it get me to branch out and try some new beers?  Sure.  But I don’t really need a challenge like this as an excuse to do so.  By the end, I actually found it rather limiting.  I felt like I had to push myself to complete my challenge, when what I really wanted was to have another Mad Elf because Dad managed to find some of this ever-elusive treat, or to drink the last Weyerbacher Winter Ale before Chris drank it instead. ( 😛 )  When I found a beer I really liked, I wanted the chance to go back to it and have another, so this challenge was a little constraining.  Also, for me?  With my busy-crazy life?  Twelve different beers is a pretty lofty goal!  But, overall, I’m glad I did it.  It was fun, and I definitely found some new beers that I’ll look for again next year.  And I chronicled my journey, and I suppose that’s worth something too.


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  1. Well done; the task was tougher than it sounded. Mark it “accomplished with gusto.” And remember, there’s still one last Mad Elf in the fridge… or have you already succumbed to its temptation?

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