The Ninth and Tenth Beers of Christmas: Santa’s Private Reserve & Weyerbacher Winter Ale

First of all, to all my loyal readers, Happy New Year!  I hope 2011 brings you lots of good things–including good food and drink, of course! 🙂

Second, this little “12 Beers…” experiment is really starting to drag on.  I’m hoping to post 9 through 12 tonight.  They might be a bit brief, but that way, I might have lagged behind Christmas a little bit, at least I’ll have them all completed before I get too far into the school year.  This has been a little more challenging and constraining that I expected–it seemed like a fun adventure but the excitement is wearing a bit thin by now.  (You, dear reader, must be feeling the same way.  But bear with me–just four more to go and we’ll be moving on!)

Well, as promised, the next two beers were our Christmas dinner beers.  (Full disclosure: one was mine and one was Chris’s, but as we’re good at sharing and sampling each other’s beer, I’m counting both as part of my 12.)  Chris’s choice for Christmas dinner was Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve.  It was dark in color, and for its color, I expected more maltiness.  Rogue calls it a double-hopped red beer, and I can certainly taste the effects.  It was too hoppy for me, which was  a bit unexpected from a winter beer–I guess I hadn’t done my homework before picking up this bottle.

Weyerbacher’s Winter Ale, however, was my choice to go with dinner.  It was quite nice, very drinkable. Nicely spiced and thoroughly malty, it was just the kind of beer I like or expect when I sit down with a winter ale. There were just some hints of nutmeg, but an overall caramel-maltiness that I enjoyed.  It was particularly good with Christmas dinners of turkey and stuffing.

(Disclaimer: The picture, once again, isn’t mine. I should have made an effort to photograph some of these beers.  In lieu of my own pictures, though, here’s where I snagged the picture from.)


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  1. I got a bit fatigued by my twelfth beer…but now I’ve dreamed up another beer adventure for 2011. How quickly I forget. Really enjoyed reading your take on your 12 beers (and thanks for the link a few posts back).

    • Thank you for the wonderful idea! I was a bit fatigued by number 12, as well, but it was an adventure all the same. I’ll be interested to see what your next adventure is for 2011. New and interesting adventures are always good–I’m just going to try for a number fewer than 12 next time.

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