The Sixth Beer of Christmas: Atwater Winter Bock

My sixth beer to catalog this winter season was Atwater Winter Bock.  This caught my eye as I tried to get a bit of variety in the styles of beer I filled up my six-pack with.  It was a decent beer, but unfortunately not overly noteworthy; drinkable, but not terribly memorable.  (That alone was a bit of a disappointment.  I was hoping to celebrate my first night of freedom from my grad class this semester with a quality beer.  After writing a 30-page paper on rhetorical analysis of literature, I thought I deserved it.  And while there wasn’t anything wrong with this beer, I think I could have done better.)

They describe the beer as a “malty, sweet, caramel colored German bock beer”…sounds pretty much right up my alley.  The color was very nice–a pretty, clear, deep amber.  There was some sweetness to it, but I got more of a roastyness, perhaps from the malts.  I got some more caramel from it as it warmed up.  As for their take on the style, maybe I’m a beer snob, and certainly I’m influenced by some of the excellent German beers we’ve sampled, but there’s a certain character to a good German beer, a je ne sais quoi that makes them wonderful.  A clarity, maybe, or a cleanness?  This was clearly lacking here.  Overall, it was decent, but with all the other good winter styles, this isn’t one I’d rush to pick up again.


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