The Seventh Beer of Christmas: Scaldis Noel

This was another one of the beers I picked up from Dee’s.  It was to be my celebration after being done teaching for the (calendar) year–I had settled in to the couch with a book, a puppy, and a nice chalice of beer.  (Here’s a site about Belgian beer with some information about it, and here’s the beer advocate site for it.)  I had high hopes, as it ranked so highly on beer advocate–I had just picked it up because it was in the Belgian section and it looked interesting.

And I didn’t like it.  At all.  It was bad enough that I couldn’t even finish it.  And after all those positive reviews on beer advocate, it made me feel like I must have been doing something wrong, or that I got a bad bottle, or something.  But this was certainly not my style.  I couldn’t stomach the smell of it–it smelled of alcohol and something else unpleasant that I couldn’t put my finger on–and the smell got stronger as it warmed up.  When it was cold, the initial thing to hit my tongue was just carbonation, then a dry, alcohol-laden finish.  It was almost bitter or tart, and again, as the carbonation died down and the beer warmed up, this taste got more prominent.

I’m not going to dwell on this one, because it was clearly not a high point in my Christmas beer sampling.  Better luck next time!


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