The Fourth Beer of Christmas: Corsendonk’s Christmas Ale

Today is another one that we had tried before, but that we sampled again this year because we enjoy it: Corsendonk’s Christmas Ale.  (Trying to link to this one is a little more complicated today, mostly owing to the fact that it’s not an American beer.  Here’s Corsendonk’s official site, and here’s the BeerAdvocate link if you’re interested.)  Chris is a fan of all beers Belgian, so this was a natural choice.

The aroma of this one is a little sweet, but the beer itself isn’t too sweet.  The usual winter ale spices take a backseat to some more floral or fruit notes, a little bit of citrus and a little bit of malt.  The beer has a distinctive Belgian style to it–I haven’t yet pinpointed just what it is, but an abbey beer has a certain feel to it, and this one is certainly a nice specimen.  I’d say more about the appearance of the beer, but I was too taken by it being served in its intended glassware to make shrewd observations.  I know, I’m a bad beer-blogger.  (But did I mention that the intended glassware is decorated with a star?)

(I’m also going to take a moment to link you up with Burghertime’s review of this beer.  Seeing as this whole enterprise is due to his idea, the least I can do is tip my proverbial hat to his blogging expertise.  That, and he writes a darned good review of the beer, as well!)


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