The Fifth Beer of Christmas: “Christmas City” Edition!

While spending some time with the family, Chris’s dad had the wonderful idea to go out to lunch for Christmas Eve day to Bethlehem Brew Works.  We love this place–it was a favorite when I was at Moravian over the summer, and it was great to return there.  We all enjoyed a beer, and Chris and Mark and I all sampled the Rude Elf’s Reserve.   This is another one of those neat ones to review that’s so local, only a small geographic location will really be able to sample it.  But that’s part of what makes it fun!  (I thought this a fitting note to leave on for a day or two, while my internet access may be a little spottier.  I’ll return with review 7-12 in a few days!)

The description says that the beer is brewed with Belgian Candi sugar–apparently a kind of sugar made by splitting regular sugar (sucrose) into it’s chemical components.  There’s also some spices in there, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, though they’re not as prominent as in some of the other beers.  I got some of the spiciness upfront in the taste and also in the aroma, especially cloves and cinnamon.  The finish was a bit syrupy-sweet for me–I was wondering if it was the malts used or if it was the sugar mixture.  The beer itself was good, but the aftertaste was something slightly indescribable that I wasn’t as fond of, though Chris said he got more of a clean finish with the spices.  Maybe my tasting was just off.  Either way, it was an enjoyable beer, and certainly an enjoyable lunch out!

(After lunch, we made a stop at Nuts About Ice Cream–only the greatest ice cream shop ever!  Mark and Pat got me some raspberry chocolate truffle, some coconut, and some cinnamon ice cream to take home.  Mom and Dad, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll share.  😉  We got some other flavors for tonight, too, so between the homemade lasagna, the craft beer in the fridge, the plates of cookies, and the ice cream, it should be a swell Christmas Eve!  Hope everyone enjoys their holiday goodies as much as I will be!)

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Ahhh, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year……yes, Suz, it’s a time of fun, spending time with family, and yes, sharing……sharing (even ice cream) =) ‘ looking forward to it! Merry Christmas! Indeed!!!

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