The Third Beer of Christmas: The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Yesterday was unexpectedly amazing when Scott from East End tweeted about my humble little blog–guess he liked what I had to say about his Snow Melt Winter Ale!  So thanks, Scott, and thanks for making such awesome beer!  🙂

Next up: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company’s The 12 Dogs of Christmas.  Clearly, the name drew me in.  I had heard of the brewery from our adventures at the Big Pour–we tried their Cerberus Belgian tripel, I believe.  (Cerberus?  Tripel? Get it?)  I was drawn in even more by the label.  There were, in fact, 12 dogs in the painting, sitting in or around the bed of an old-fashioned truck.  Call it exploiting my weakness, but I was instantly a fan.

The beer itself was quite nice–colors was about what you’d expect from a winter ale.  I got some spices of nutmeg and cinnamon, but there were mild and not overpowering.  The ale itself was smooth and easy to drink.  Unfortunately, though, while I thoroughly enjoyed the beer, I think a heavier beer would have held up  better against my meal.  I think some of the subtleties of the spices got lost once I started eating my shepherd’s pie, which was flavored with Guinness and heavily spiced–wonderful, but a bit overpowering.

I would definitely get this again.  It might not be the most unusual thing I’ll try this holiday season, but it made for pleasant drinking all the same.

(Note: The image isn’t mine…but I thought it was pretty, and showed off the label.  Here’s the link to the original.)


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