When Anything is More Appetizing than Paper-Writing

Nothing says winter like curling up with a puppy by your side, a good cup of coffee–and a draft of the 30 page paper that’s due in 4 days.  So today I present you with just a few foodie related thoughts to take a break from the paper and to avoid planning to actually teach something tomorrow.  (It’s a lovely, snowy day, and Franklin had a two-hour delay…and I had to burn my second personal day to get this paper written.  But I’m not bitter.  Really.)

  • Aarti’s back on the Food Network!  I tuned in yesterday and was really intrigued by her pork roast and her rice pudding.  I think I’ll be inspired to cook more often all of a sudden…
  • Chris and I went to the ceremony of lessons and carols at Shadyside Presbyterian yesterday afternoon.  It was absolutely lovely–as it always is, though I missed singing in it this year–and then afterward, we went to our tried-and-true favorite, Sharp Edge, for dinner.  He got a cassoulet (white beans with bacon, topped with some grilled pork, a chicken thigh, and a duck sausage) and I got the shepherd’s pie.  I need a good shepherd’s pie recipe.  Anyone know of one?  I figure it can’t be that hard to make, and it’s such a great dish.  Last night’s was quite tasty, although the best shepherd’s pie I ever had definitely came from Market Cross in Carlisle.  Love that place.
  • I’m stealing an idea I saw on Burghertime‘s blog–he’s doing a review of the “12 beers of Christmas.”  I love the idea, though I won’t be able to do the 12 days before Christmas like he’s doing–until school lets out for winter break, there’s no way I’ll be able to drink 12 beers before Christmas!  So I don’t think I’ll be able to get the chronology down, but I’m still shooting for an ambitious goal this year.  Try 12 different seasonal beers, and blog about them.  (And I think I’ll cheat by starting with what I drank this weekend.  That’ll be my next study break.)
  • I was going to walk to the grocery store to get some chili ingredients, but it looks far too cold out there for wimps like me.  I think we’ll be feasting on some of mom’s homemade beef stew.  (Which we both adore, so that’ll work out well.  Thanks, mom! ❤ )

Okay, break-time’s over.  Back to work.  Is it time for lunch yet?


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