Half-Baked Pizza and Pipe Dreams

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I’ve posted here!  It’s probably been a while since we’ve done anything really interesting culinarily, too, because once the play hits, life seems to stop.  (And next year I’m directing two plays?  I must be out of my mind!)

Today was East End Brewing’s “Festival of Darkness.”  Granted, it was really their growler hours with a few locally baked/made/grown local munchies from the market in the Strip, hosted in their unheated warehouse/brewing facility, so it was cold.  The taps by the door were open, and the area where all the brew kettles are–where their taps used to be, until they expanded–was reserved for some of their special beers.  We got a few different selections:

  • Snow Melt Winter Ale:  They say: “A rich malty, deep ruby-red, lightly spiced (and I mean REALLY lightly) winter ale, best used for frost removal, holiday toasting, and guaranteed to clear the fog off your glasses. Released with the first snowflakes of the year,and lasting until it all melts in March…or April.  Hopefully.”  We’ve had it before and enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to sharing our growler over dinner tonight and while we decorate the tree and watch Christmas movies.
  • Illustration Ale:  A Belgian Dark ale. This was Chris’s pick, though I’m fairly certain he’ll share.  It’s a limited edition brew, in a big bottle, so it’s pretty special.
  • (Eye/Opener) Coffee Porter: This one is mine.  🙂  It’s another limited edition, large bottle.  It’s also amusing because the bottles have either a big picture of an eye on the label, or a picture of a bottle opener.  These were supposed to be called “Eye-Opener Coffee Porter”, but when Scott (the brewer) tried to run the labels by the FDA or whoever approves those things, they said he was making a claim about the physical effects of the beverage, and since it wouldn’t literally open your eyes, he couldn’t name it that.  Absurd, right?

After getting the beer, we picked up a half-baked pizza from Mineo’s–the best pizza place I’ve found around here, and something of a Squirrel Hill institution–and we are currently cooking the other “half” of the pizza in our oven right now.  Should be a good meal!  Nothing crazy or gourmet, I realize, but sometime it’s the simple things that make for a lovely evening.  That, and not having to go out again into the cold.  😉

While we were at the brewery, though, we heard–for the second time, really–about a new publication in the Pittsburgh area, Craft Pittsburgh.  (We were actually sitting next to the guy behind it all when we were out at Blue Dust for their Mad Elf release party a few weeks ago, and he gave us a business card and was talking to us about it.  It was just in the conceptual stages then, but the first edition is actually in print now, and it looks great.)  It’s still just getting started, and I wish there were a way I could get involved.  I don’t have publication experience, or advertising connections, which is what they really need right now, but I can edit with the best of them.  Or write.  (Dare I dream it?)  Anyway, I spoke with the guy in charge of it, but he said they don’t really need any help at the moment–but I’m going to keep them in the back of my mind.  I don’t know what I have to offer them, but I’d love if it ended up that I had something useful to contribute!


2 responses

  1. Great hopes lead to dreams coming true, don’t ever give up on your dreams!

    Great article, especially fond of the half-baked pizza. I love pizza. And……………
    guess what? I tried a Brooklyn Winter Ale with the hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Rich Scottish malts bring deep bready flavors to a beer with a full copper color, a round, smooth palate and brisk hopping that pulls the sweet malts into balance. How’s that???
    Well, honestly, I had only a few sips of Dad’s. =)
    …..along with a great sandwich of grilled vegetables with a wonderful balsamic sauce and sweet potato fries, yes, I even ate some of the fries…..my oh my!

  2. Snow Melt Winter sounds like the makin’s for a pleasant evening. And don’t loose sight of Craft Pittsburgh. Ya’ never know….

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