Apples, Part I

Two weekends ago, Chris and I decided to go apple-picking.  It was a lovely fall day, and one of the great things about living out here is our ability to start driving and go from the middle of the city to the middle of nowhere in 30 minutes or less.  We spent some time hunting for the perfect apples, and then we came home and spent some time crafting the perfect foods from said apples.

We picked some Rome, Empire, Jonagold, and Golden Delicious, and all but the Golden Delicious found their way into applesauce.  It was a bit time-consuming to core and peel all of the apples we wanted to use–even after finishing I felt like I didn’t make as much applesauce as I wanted–but we made some pretty tasty applesauce.  I’m very much of the opinion that homemade applesauce just can’t be beat.  That, and it brings me back to making it at my grandparents’ house when I was little.  Good food, good memories.

After that, because we clearly felt we had not peeled enough apples, we decided to explore our German roots by making some strudel.  It took a little longer than we expected…mainly because we didn’t realize how long the phyllo dough would take to defrost and how awkward it would be to work with.  But we found a great recipe in my German cookbook that worked fantastically.  It called for apples, cinnamon, raisins…and bread crumbs.  It seemed rather weird, but it actually worked perfectly.  I guess that’s the secret ingredient to a perfect strudel–who’d have guessed?  Served with some vanilla ice cream, it was a perfect way to end the weekend!

Never fear, though.  We still had about 4 dozen apples sitting in the fridge.  There are more apple posts to come!


2 responses

  1. First off, I see pictures in your blog, wonderful pics of apple trees in an orchard (with Chris in the middle of a tree), countryside view, picture-perfect, and then, wait…… did you get that picture of apple strudel (and ice cream) from some foodie magazine placed into your blog…..NO, WAIT, it’s YOUR OWN HOMEMADE STRUDEL pictured on your own Fiestaware plates, in your own home…….NO WAY! You both should be pictured in some fancy food magazine covering all your adventures, outside, and inside your kitchen making some of the most wonderful treats and good eats, picture-perfect, INDEED!

    How will I ever be able to cook for you both again, and live up to your foodie standards? Well, I guess I’ll have to continue to cook the “comfort-food delights” that you and Chris enjoy, and know that they are irreplaceable.
    I sure do enjoy seeing how wonderful it is to cook up some good eats, and you both do it so well.
    Congrats to you both! Continue to enjoy! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. Mmmm, even I could eat that. (Got any caramel sauce?) Great picture of fearless husband. Maybe next time we’ll get to see more of foodysuzy herself?

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