Restaurant Recap

We’ve been to a number of restaurants that I’ve wanted to write up lately, but I’ll focus in on the a few of the most recent ones.  Two of these are completely new, recently-opened, and another one is just new to us.

Someday soon I’d like to revisit Sababa, the Middle Eastern restaurant that opened over the summer a few blocks away from us.  I’ve owed this experience a review for quite some time.  We went there over the summer and liked the atmosphere of the place–and a man who I took to be the owner even came by to all the customers to make sure everything was alright.  I loved their lentils and rice and the vegetables I got, but I wasn’t thrilled with the meat I ordered.  I would definitely give it another chance–but I wouldn’t order the same thing again!

Much more recently, we went to Blue Dust. My loyal followers (hi, Mom!) might remember me talking about this place during the weekend of the Big Pour–they hosted one of the pre-festival events that Chris and I went to, and we were quite taken by the place.  So, we finally decided to check it out for its food and beer selection on a normal night, and we were not disappointed!  A blogger whose restaurant reviews I follow recently reviewed Blue Dust and was lambasted for his criticism that it was next door to a tattoo parlor–but I think I understand what he meant to say.  Blue Dust doesn’t necessarily call attention to itself.  You probably wouldn’t notice it or go in if you weren’t looking for it.  But they’re great at what they do–good food and great beer.  When Chris and I went there for dinner, Chris tried their special that night, beef stroganof, and I got their best-seller, the smoked brisket sandwich.  It was quite good!  I can definitely see what it’s their most popular.

In fact, we liked the place so much, we went back about 4 nights later for their Tuesday special: a mystery draft beer for $2.50 and 25-cent pierogies!  Since it was my fall pause from Pitt, I had a rare Tuesday night free, so Chris and I went out to dinner and we both ate and drank for $10–tip included.  Can’t beat that.  And the beer was good–a little hoppier than I would have ordered for myself, but a well-crafted beer nonetheless.  (They wouldn’t tell us what it was until the following Tuesday, but I normally have classes Tuesdays, so we couldn’t go back the following week.  I suppose we’ll never know what it was…)  The pierogies were quite good.  Some were a little short on the filling, but they were clearly homemade and the filling was tasty.  And a plate full of pierogies for $2.00?  I’ll take it.  🙂  The food, combined with the fact that this place is literally about 5 minutes from our house, make this a new favorite.

On a completely different note, Chris’s dad was in town last weekend, and he was game for trying something new, so we went to the new Indian place in Squirrel Hill.  Chris and I were really excited to see that it had opened, because with all the variety of cuisines that Squirrel Hill hosts, there wasn’t any Indian food!  Well, now there is, and while it might not be the best Indian food I’ve ever had, it’s still quite good–and the location certainly counts for something!  Chris got lamb rogan josh, which was a good test since he’s had it before at other places, and he enjoyed it.  Mark had the biryani, which also looked tasty.  I had one of their specialty dishes–a little spicy for me, but good nonetheless.  Their nan was a little thicker than I would have liked, but overall, the meal was quite enjoyable.  We’re intending on hitting up their Sunday night buffet tomorrow.  The price is reasonable and, if the reviews on Yelp and UrbanSpoon are to be believed, they have a nice variety of dishes available.

More on recent cooking adventures tomorrow.  It will involve apples…lots and lots of apples.


One response

  1. I admire the adventurous spirit you both have in your hearts, and the good food and drink you discover.
    Living in the city gives you such great acccess to some of the most wonderful restaurants with that home-cooked meal using unique family recipes from all over the world. And, I might add that they are right outside your front door. How lucky you both are!
    Enjoy, and continue to write about them! Bon Appetit!

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