Adventures with Aarti

I’ve been a bit lazy about my New (School) Year’s Resolution.  In all fairness to myself, I have been trying new recipes.  I’ve just been a little bit lazy about where I get them from.  Every new recipe I’ve tried since the start of school has been from Aarti’s show.  They’ve been fun and wonderful, and while I might feel a little guilty for the lack of variety, I’m also happy to have found some new good eats.

A few weeks ago, right as school was starting, I tried the Massaged Kale Salad for Chris, his mom, and sister when they came to move Marissa into Pitt.  We just had burgers and some other side that I don’t quite remember–corn on the cob, maybe?–and the kale salad.  It was wonderful!  I added a bit too much pepper, but that’s my fault.  I’m absolutely making this again.  I hadn’t had kale before, and it stayed crisp with just a hint of peppery-bitterness.  I don’t think I would like it by itself, but the citrus in the dressing and the sweetness of the mango helped balance it out well.

Then, two weeks ago, we attempted samosas!  Aarti made them look so simple…and I suppose they weren’t hard, per se, but it was rather deceiving to watch her finish them off in a half-hour cooking show…and then have us still working on them over an hour into the process!  It was neat to try, though, and fun to actually shape the dough.  I hadn’t ever tried any sort of filled dough or pasta before because I was too intimidated.  I think I would try a different filling next time–Aarti’s suggestion was refreshing, but I would prefer a more traditional ground lamb and potato and spices, and maybe some peas.  The lime and cilantro kept throwing me off.  Definitely an adventure, though.  (And check how lovely they look on our fancy plates!)

This week’s attempt was a little more tame–Sloppy Bombay Joes.  I was a bit short on time, but still wanted to try something new and hopefully good.  (Aarti’s quinoa pilaf from her show this week looked good, and it definitely on tap for sometime in the future, but not quite was I was looking for this week.  Since I picked up some garam masala when I went on my spice-buying rampage a few weeks ago, I am all set.)  I didn’t take any pictures this time, because let’s face it, sloppy joes aren’t exactly gorgeous.  They’re a little…well, sloppy.  And goopy-brown.  But these were delicious!  Chris and I will definitely be making these again.  There was a different and vaguely Indian spice profile (though we left out the serrano pepper because we’re babies about spice, we did sprinkle in some red pepper) and the addition of the raisins was a nice textural touch and just a bit of sweetness.  I’d love to include the pistachios next time, but the price was a little prohibitive this time around.  So, in short, another successful dish!

Sadly, season one of Aarti’s show is now done.  (And it’s been replaced by Rachel Ray…talk about a rude awakening when you turn on the tv!)  So I think I’ll have to find a new  inspiration for the moment, but don’t worry–I have big culinary plans!  (In my spare time…ha! 🙂 )


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  1. As always, your food and your wonderful comments are colorful, fun and enticing. Aarti will be back in December with her Season 2. I’m looking forward to it so you can continue your food adventures and share it all with us. Keep up the good work, Suz and Chris! =)

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