Enjoying Lunch Before Summer Ends

Quick post for now.  I have an awesome adventure to recap…that post is in the works.  In the meantime, check out our lunch a few days ago.  I feel like my days of good lunches is over.  Soon they will have to be carted around, microwaved, and eaten in 25 minutes or less.  Boo.

Anyway, I stole this recipe for corn fritters from Lauren of Burghilicious, who I follow.  I saw her pictures when I came home from class one day a few weeks ago, and they looked so incredible, I had to walk down to the grocery store and buy 2 ears of fresh corn so I could make the fritters that night for dinner.  I may not have sit down to eat until about 9:30 that night…no kidding.  Only, I didn’t have cornmeal at the time, and I forgot to add the egg, and I had too many corn kernels…they were still great, but they weren’t really fritters.  More like, deep fried pieces of corn loosely held together.  I tried it again a few days ago for Chris and I–the real recipe, this time–and they were fantastic.  They reminded me both of summer in the inherently wonderful “corn-iness” of them and of my childhood corn fritter memories.  Corn fritters were always one of those meals that Mom would only make when Dad was on a business trip.  It was the only time I could convince her to make them for me, so they were something elusive and special.   These are corn fritters all grown up, thanks, I think, to the addition of cornmeal, and they are so good with a dollop of sour cream on the side.  Totally worth the scalding oil burn on the inside of my wrist…

Seriously, though, check out Burghilicious’s post–I would brave the hot oil for these fritters again.  Summer on a plate.

You can find the recipe, the original post, and pictures here.


One response

  1. Ah, wonderful foodie memories of the past. When I look back at those, it warms my heart and soul! =)
    Sometime, I’ll have to try the new revised recipe.

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