New Houses, Old Friends, and Marshmallow Torches

This post revolves around three slightly related thoughts.  Pardon me while I branch a little bit away from food.  I’ll get back to it by the end, I promise.  🙂  So, today’s topics of FoodieSuzy musings are:

1. How our house is growing on me,
2. How much I enjoy having people over, and
3. How s’mores are totally awesome.

1. I feel a little guilty admitting this one.  I mean, who buys a house for extreme amounts of money and doesn’t love it, right?  We saw this house after seeing a lot of far lesser houses–the houses were in worse shape, the backyards non-existent.  This one had character; it had a window-seat and beautiful hardwood floors and a lovely kitchen and so much light downstairs.  The backyard may have been a hilly jungle, but there was a lot of backyard there to work with–a rarity in the city.  I knew that this was the right house for us.  But still, I don’t think I really loved it.  I liked it, certainly, and I just felt that it was the right one, but I remember feeling a little empty when I would talk to my co-worker friends who had also just bought houses.  They would keep saying how much they adored their houses, how these were their forever homes and they just loved them.  Well, Chris and I knew this isn’t the house we were going to grow old in, but I so wanted to love my house like they seemed to.  I was a little vexed that I didn’t.

But last night after our guests left, I went upstairs to get a shower, and for some odd reason, the realization hit me as I walked into our bedroom to turn on the fan–I am starting to really love our little home.  We’ve claimed pieces of it and made it our own.  On Saturday, we finally hung our wedding pictures in our bedroom, making it a tie for my favorite room in the house.  (The other favorite is our living room.)  Just Saturday night I had commented to Chris how I loveloveloved our bedroom now–the creamy yellow of the newly-painted walls, the color scheme, the curtains, the decorations and pictures, the window-seat that I have always wanted–it’s perfect.  And our kitchen is homey, and our dining room is great for entertaining, and our porch is awesome.  It’s starting to feel like our home, and after caring for it for a few months and decorating and living here, I do love it.

2. I also love having people over to our little home on the hill.  We had a couple of Chris’s friends from when he was in grad school over for dinner last night.  Nothing fancy–burgers on the grill with challah rolls, fried potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and good beer.  (It may have been simple, but everything tasted great!  Chris’s burger seasoning is awesome–that might deserve its own post sometime.)  I just enjoy having people over.  I never get to see the people I care about often enough, whether they be old friends visiting town, co-workers, Chris’s friends from grad school, or even parents.  I feel so anti-social during the school year, and sometimes I feel a little stranded out here in Pittsburgh, but when I get to have people over like this, it makes up for it.  I love getting to tidy up the place and show it off a bit, I love the chatter and banter and storytelling, I love cooking people good food and getting to eat it together.  I’m always on such a high after these events.  They’re simple, but they make me really happy.  And they make me itch to plan another one sometime soon.  🙂

3. And finally, that brings us back to the food.  S’mores.  We’ve wanted to make s’mores all summer, but we kept forgetting to buy the ingredients.  But we finally remembered, and after dinner, we gathered the necessary ingredients, loaded our marshmallows onto skewers, and gathered around the still-blazing coals in the grill to make some s’mores.  A few marshmallows went up in flames, but on the whole, we were pretty successful.  Actually, I think having a flaming marshmallow or two is a necessary evil when there’s marshmallow-roasting going on.  (Of course, mine was one of the ones to go up in flames…but no matter.  The charred taste added to the flavor profile of the s’mores.  Really.)  It was one of those moments were I really wanted to photograph it, but first of all, my hands were full of marshmallowy goodness, and second, whipping out the camera would have ruined the moment.  It was uncapturable–but I tried to take a few pictures to hold in my brain.

So the bottom line on s’mores, and the point where I try and wrap everything into a cohesive conclusion, is that s’more are high on the list of things that make me happy.  They were terribly messy, and we all ended up full of marshmallow and chocolate, but it was so neat to just be gathered around the grill, out on the porch–our porch.  And hanging out with old friends.  And eating.  Some of my favorite activities, right there.  This is my summer.


3 responses

  1. How lucky you both are!
    Enjoy your home, it’s beautiful and charming, and full of character.

    I wish you both love and happiness and “GOOD EATS” with friends and family.
    It doesn’t get much better than that.

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