Finally–the end is in sight!

Chris and I came back to Pittsburgh from a lovely weekend in Yardley hanging out with the folks, eating water ice, and seeing Something Corporate in concert–and I was greeted by this outside of my door.  Give it another two or three days, and I’m going to be eating tomato sandwiches and making insalada caprese.  Can. not. wait.

And in case you thought I was talking about the summer’s rapidly approaching end…ha!  One of my goals for this school year is to keep eating well and to keep blogging about it.  I’m sure the posts will be a little less frequent, but hopefully not too much so.


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  1. Wow!!! Look at those great tomatoes, and this being your first attempt at growing them. Congrats on a wonderful 1st home garden. Good for you!

    …and glad to hear you’ll be continuing those foodie stories, pics and new recipes throughout the year. =)

    There’s nothing like picking home-grown tomatoes. Enjoy! =)

    • Thanks! I haven’t eaten then yet, but they’re both sitting on my windowsill waiting. I hope to do better next year, but it’s not a bad first-year crop! I don’t how much other luck I’ll have with the beefsteaks, but I’m having fun with the basil and cherry tomatoes for sure.

    • Thanks, Rees. Wish you had been there with us–it was fun. The venue was a lot nicer than I remembered, too, with steps and everything. It made it nice because it was easier to see–but it also made it trickier to jump around. As usual, I don’t think the people behind me liked me very much. But at least the crowd was a bit older so they weren’t doing stupid things like pushing and leaning.
      I had insalada caprese for lunch with other day with one of mom’s home-grown tomatoes. A big old plateful. It was rather awesome. 🙂

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