Gaining 5 Pounds on Vacation

Suffice to say we ate very well.

As I’ve been sitting on this post idea for nearly a month now, I figure it’s time to do a lazy-person posting on it.  Here’s some pictures about my wonderful culinary experiences in Disney World and on our cruise.  And here’s what I learned in our week-long excursion:

  • Epcot has awesome food.  I knew this from our senior trip while at Dickinson, when we ate our way through Epcot in a day.  Seriously.  We stopped at as many countries as we could without exploding and got something–sushi in Japan, gelato in Italy, a beer in England…I don’t even remember what else.  But it was definitely confirmed with our trip here.
  • Making friends with your waiters can bring you really cool stuff!  We were an interesting group, as anyone who knows us could easily imagine.  We apparently charmed our waiter at Le Cellier.  When our meal was taking a while to prepare, he brought us the signature cheese soup and pretzel bread–which was so good.  And then because he said we were his favorite table, he gave us recipes!  From the Disney restaurant!  I was in heaven.  (If anyone wants a recipe for cheese soup, mushroom risotto, or maple creme brulee, let me know–I can hook you up!)  😉
  • Meal plans are the way to go…but they will make you fat.  We ate so well–we got a lovely sit-down meal each day, and it came with a beverage and a dessert.  We got a cafeteria-style meal, also with a beverage and a dessert.  And a snack.  And they were yummy.
  • Cruises are similarly dangerous.  I was impressed with how much of a selection we had for meals, and how good the food was in the dining hall.  Having heard tales of 24-hour buffets, though, I was a little disappointed in the selection past 8 p.m., namely, pizza.  But the meals were really good, and it was nice to be able to do our own thing during the day but to have a set time to meet up and all come back together for dinner.  Really quite lovely.

And that’s our trip in a few culinary bulletpoints.  So here’s a few pictures!


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