My Love Letter to the City: Part I

This is my love letter to the ‘Burgh. Part I, anyway.

I love the Strip. I love its busyness and bustle, even on a hot, sunny, summer Saturday. (Though perhaps my love would have been greater if we weren’t in the midst of a summer heat wave…nothing like sweating your way through your morning shopping.)  I don’t normally love crowds, but there’s just something enjoyable about all the street vendors and their kitschy Pittsburgh wares.  All of the noise hitting you in a barrage from all directions, the constant buzz of conversation of the shoppers, vendors calling out to potential customers, an occasional street musician mingling with the radios–each street vendor playing a different song.  The smells of baked goods wafting from the breads and the Italian cookies and the pastries set up on the sidewalk, the aromas of spices and meat from the many grills set up with street-food along the way.  You could lose yourself in it–complete sensory overload.

And now, our buying list for the morning. I say “buying” and not “shopping”, because one of the things I love about the Strip is going down with only a vague idea of what I need to buy, because then it leaves open so many other wonderful possibilities. Like today. We knew we needed some spices and something for dinner. Which we got, but we also got other yummy, unexpected things. Such as:

  • Garlic basil linguine and Orange sesame
    ginger linguine at Pennsylvania Macaroni
  • Fresh, local mushrooms, sugar-snap peas, and green peppers at a farmer’s stand
  • Locally-made goat’s milk feta from a farmer’s stand
  • Roasted red pepper, Parmesan, and garlic focaccia (with which I am *in love*) outside of Sunseri’s Italian foods

And thus, this was my lunch. Pure awesomeness.


4 responses

    • Clearly, we must! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. It’s good on any day, because the stores are still neat…but it’s best on Saturday mornings with all the street vendors set up. Can you work on staying over a Saturday next time? 😉 (Kidding–you know I’d love to see you any day of the week!)

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