“I feel like I’m eating Kermit” and other romantic anniversary moments…

So, a week or so ago, to celebrate and commemorate this:

we decided to treat ourselves to a super-fancy dinner at what we’d heard of as one of Pittsburgh’s best restaurants, Le Mont.  It’s a lovely restaurant with one heck of a view–on Mount Washington, overlooking the Point.  We got all dressed up, which is always a little exciting, and had a lovely evening.  The decor was interesting.  Classy.  There were chandeliers and fancy molding on the ceilings and walls, but it was tastefully done.  Between the decorations, the table settings, and the pictures on the wall, I thought it had a 1920s sort of feel to it.  We even managed to get seats right by the window!  The view is great–we could see all the activity down by the Point. The only disappointment (disapPOINTment? ha!) was that the fountain wasn’t in operation at the time. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back.

So we get there, and we’re presented with a bottle of champagne with wishes for a Happy Anniversary.  We were a little surprised, but it was our anniversary, after all, so it was a nice surprise.  We enjoyed some champagne.  (I’m normally not much for champagne.  They can be both too dry and too bubbly, but this one was really nice.  It was a little sweeter, and not quite as sharp and bubbly as some others.)  Then our waiter came over, after we had ordered appetizers, etc, with a card, and read off that the champagne was from mom, dad, and the ???s.  This family we hadn’t heard of.  So we looked, I’m quite certain, befuddled, and the waiter went to go investigate.  Turns out, there was a reservation for Fried, and a reservation for Freed, both for 7 p.m., both for anniversary dinners…and we got their $80.00 bottle of champagne!  Well, as the mistake was the restaurants (and as we had already had a couple glasses by that point), we ended up with a complementary bottle of really good champagne!

Then, on to the food. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I figured it would be a little uncouth.  Our appetizer was one of the daily specials, the one that the waiter recommended if we were feeling “adventurous”: frog legs.  Frog legs dredged and fried in a light batter and topped with a tomato marinara, to be more specific.  I was a little uneasy about the idea.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t part of one of the Muppet Movies where Kermit is trying to get away from someone who wants to make him into Mr. Hopper’s Fried Frog Legs or something ? Maybe I imagine it.  Either way, we got the frog legs.  And, unfortunately, they came in two pairs, still together and looking very much like the bottom half of the frog.  Legs, little veins, and all.  Fortunately, I was able to contain myself from mildly freaking out, and even more fortunately, they were quote tasty.  The texture was a little bit like dark meat chicken, but the flavor has a little more hint of seafood in it.  It was subtle, but present.  And interesting culinary excursion, to say the least.

My entree was a salmon Wellington–a piece of salmon, topped with lobster and crab meat, wrapped in phyllo dough and topped with a beurre blanc sauce.  It was really quite good~the sauce added a little richness and the butteriness of the phyllo complemented the salmon well.  I think Chris got a steak, if I’m remembering correctly.  Both meals came with mashed potatoes with sweet red pepper, and mini-zucchini and turnips, which might just be the cutest veggies I’ve seen.  For dessert, our waiter brought us a piece of chocolate cake to celebrate our anniversary (even with the bottle of champagne!).  It was so light–the cake was airy and moist, and the icing was light and just melted away.

Then we came home and decided to curl up and put on a movie.  About halfway through, we decided to break out the anniversary tradition and cut into the top layer of our cake from our wedding.  (What? It was our first anniversary–we could eat as many pieces of cake as we wanted!)  It kept very well and was still moist and good, but after the lightness of the cake from Le Mont, it was a little bit anticlimactic, actually.  Ironically, I think I enjoyed the cake much better the next day.  But we busted out the Fiestaware and the fancy glasses for cake and milk, and brought our anniversary to a wonderful and foodie-appropriate close.


4 responses

  1. Hahaha. What are the chances!? No wonder you liked the champagne! It sounds like a perfect anniversary, Suz. Fitting for such a perfect wedding.

    • Thanks, Liza, for the sweet words. 🙂 And yes, it was quite the occurrence. It’s certainly not everyday we run into another Fried/Freed, let alone one who shares our anniversary!

  2. What a great story! …how fitting it should happen to 2 wonderful foodies!
    Suz, I love to read your stories, I feel like I am sitting right there. Your descriptions of the food and drink are always first rate, but, as a designer, you have me intrigued by all your wonderful descriptions of the decor and surroundings.
    I’m not quite sure I could ever order the frog legs, but love hearing all about it.
    You both looked wonderful, good for you both for getting all dressed up. How nice!
    So glad you had a great first anniversary, brings back wonderful memories of the perfect wedding, as Eliza said.
    And YES, on your anniversary, you CAN have as many pieces of cake as you wish!
    ‘ love you both!
    mom =)

    • Thanks, Mom. I appreciate the compliments on my descriptions…I try to be vivid without being overly flowering or extravagant.
      No, I don’t think you could have ordered the frog legs–and had you seen them when they came, I definitely don’t think you could have eaten them! I almost had some trouble…but in the end, I’m glad I tried them!

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