Update on that Strawberry Balsamic Sauce…

I tried it on angel food cake: good, but I’m an angel food cake purist.

I tried it over ice cream: really nice.  The balsamic sharpness that comes through in the strawberry pieces was just enough to cut the sweetness from the sugar and from the ice cream. It was a really nice, subtle twist on the usual strawberry sauce.

Finally, I tried it on salmon: awesome!!  I cooked the salmon with a bit of thyme, salt, and pepper until about 8-10 minutes from it being done.  Then I drizzled the sauce over it, and cooked it the rest of the way.  Even with using aluminum foil on the pan, it was a bit messy, so when I plated it, I had to re-drizzle some of the sauce, which had thickened nicely in the over.  Served with a spinach salad with a bit of balsamic dressing, almonds, and a few rogue strawberries, and also with some fresh multi-grain bread–it was an awesome summertime meal!  Highly, highly recommended.  I can’t wait for Chris to try it tomorrow!


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