New beginnings…again.

I happened upon my old LiveJournal account the other day, my previous foodie blog, and it made me feel a little bit nostalgic–and a little bit sad.  I really enjoyed reading about some of the cool adventures I had had when I first moved out here, but it got me thinking about all the really neat stuff that I had done in the meantime.  I barely find time to write in my journal about the big things anymore, let alone pull out the pen and paper to write down what new restaurant I went to last night, so there certainly isn’t a record of it anywhere else.  And that made me a little bit sad.  I didn’t want all those experiences to fade away–I guess I’m a bit sentimental like that.  So, I decided to revive my foodie blog, even if only for me and my own memories.  (And with a shout-out to Mom, who will probably–hopefully–continue to be my number one follower.  😉  )

I’ve moved my previous posted over to WordPress in the hopes of finding a better blogging platform and that fresh new “beginning again” feeling.  In the interest of catching up a little bit, here’s a few photo highlights of this foodie’s adventures in the big city since my last post in 2007.  Since then, I’ve moved twice, most recently into our very own corner of the world, complete with a porch, a garden, and a grill.  I’ve gotten a dog–she’s quite the foodie as well.  I’ve gotten married.  I’ve traveled to Germany and Belgium and sampled some of the wonderful things this world has to offer.  I’ve tried new recipes, everything from panini to pesto, from risotto to roasts, from soups to steak.  I’ve found a wonderful farmer’s market (and then promptly moved across town away from it…)  And so much more!  Here’s the visual update:

Thanks for joining me as I continue my foodie journey in this great city.  I’ll have more to say about our wonderful meals this weekend at a later time.

Until then, happy eating.  It’s good to be back.


2 responses

  1. So here is the question – how did you move all of your entries from LJ to WordPress? You didn’t copy and paste them did you?

    Plus, I always love to read your foodie adventures. So you have 2 fans.

    • Resa, thanks for commenting! WordPress has an option to let you import all your old entries–comments and all!–from LiveJournal. It’s pretty sweet how easy they make it. I’m really loving WordPress so far.
      And thanks for being my fan! ❤

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