Butchered, Americanized food

Interesting dinner idea…but one that was actually really good:
Barbequed Chicken Quesadillas (is that how you spell it?)

Cut up some green pepper and sautee it in a little bit of olive oil. Set aside.
Heat up some barbequed chicken. (I had some left overs. Mom and I use this amazing sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s…it’s highly recommended.) Cut into small pieces.
Have some shredded cheddar cheese on hand. I’m a little Alton-ite, so I shredded my own.

Drizzle a little olive oil into a pan on medium high heat. Put a tortilla down and let it heat up until it starts to bubble up in the middle. Put the desired fillings on one side of the tortilla; fold the other side over so you have a half circle with yummy fillings inside. Let cook until it begins to brown and get crispy. Flip (carefully! I had to use two spatulas, one on either side…) and allow the other side to brown. Cut into pieces and serve!

Just thought I’d share! I’m off to lunch today with some of the teacher-types, and we’re going to this restaurant downtown which is supposed to be really good. It’s apparently Pittsburgh’s oldest restaurant–over 100 years old, I think–and is still very much like it was back then. It’s called the Oyster House and one of the teachers just raves about it…I’ll be interested to see what it’s like!

And that, my friends, is that. Happy eating!


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