The Strip = Foodie Luv

Really. The Strip on a Saturday morning is really the place for foodies, especially multi-cultural foodies. I drug Chris down early (though not as early as I would have liked!) to check out this famed market area–everyone kept telling me I needed to check it out. And goodness, if I had more money, I could have stocked my entire kitchen from there!

There were tables set up along the sidewalk, mostly of random vendors but there were some people there with produce, and some baked goods as well. There was an amazing-looking walnut-cranberry bread which I totally should have gotten–but that is neither here nor there. I especially loved all the various ethnicities represented. We wandered around a Mexican grocery and an Asian market (both of whom were selling aloe as a drink. Like, crushed up, ground up, little-bits-of-green-in-gelatinous aloe. Has anyone heard of this? Am I just out of the multi-cultural loop here?) We also went into this meat market that’s really renowned, Wholey’s…Chris almost got some lamb, but we decided to come back another day for it. But apparently this market is famous around here, especially for its fish. I intend on visiting there again. =) We also went into this spice shop…we thought it was a local place at first, then were a little disappointed when we found out it was a chain. Pencey’s? I think it was something like that. It was a productive visit, though, as between the two of us, we managed to buy about $30 worth of spices, and I’m going to have to go back for more sometime. (They had a Dutched cocoa powder that I’ve been looking for forever to make a hot cocoa mix Alton suggested.) Chris got taco spices, a rogan josh seasoning (for Indian cuisine, hence the desire for lamb at Wholey’s. Anyone have any good Indian recipes?), and a “sandwich sprinkle” (a nice, fresh mix of herbs for sandwiches and salads). I got vanilla sugar (vanilla beans ground with sugar…imagine that in coffee or on fruit?!), some dried chives (which were excellent in tonight’s omelettes) and a seasoning of beef stock for soups and stews (because beef stew in the winter is a-mazing). I came home and put them on the spice rack and gazed lovingly at them for a few happy moments.

That was about the extent of our adventure, but it definitely gets marked down as a neat foodie place and someplace to check back when I need something perhaps a little bit different to spice up the table. Till then, think fast, ride safe, feast hard.*

*Can I mention that I am quite excited about the prospect of new Alton? Feasting on Asphalt II starts next week. And Good Eats is now on at 8, an altogether happier time for my viewing schedule. Oh, Alton, how I’ve missed you–I am planning for a happy reunion tomorrow night at 8! 😉


2 responses

  1. livin’ in the city and havin’ a good time with it !!!
    I love to read about your great adventures in the city. You can’t do those kind of things in small, suburban towns. Yes, we have our quiet backyards where the deer come and eat up all the beautiful flowers you so painstakingly care for, and wake up to find them…..GONE! even the roses… tell me, how can they tolerate those thorns? I can see eating those luscious pretty flowers in the perennial gardens, they do look beautiful, and good enough to eat, and they do, the tomatoes are gone, or at least half-eaten-out-of…..which, upon finding those, makes me even more angry with those creatures. Anyway, back to your adventure…..good for you, envious of your great foodie adventures, but you warm my heart, and put a smile on my face…..good food, good friends, good times….enjoy!!!

    • Re: livin’ in the city and havin’ a good time with it !!!
      Poor roses! Sorry the deer are being such a nuisance and eating everything in sight. They’re getting bolder, poor dears. Deers. Ha! 😉
      Thanks for your comments! It is fun, having the chance to gallavant around the city and try these new things. =)

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