It’s all Greek to me…

Two weeks ago we were in Greek food heaven! I was clued in by my friend during a choir rehearsal on Saturday that St. Nicholas’s annual Greek food festival was starting on Sunday, and that they were renowned for their traditional food. So Chris and I trekked over Sunday around dinner time, and I was floored how many people there were! The food was set up along one wall in a caferteria style serving arrangement, where volunteers made up your plate for you as you went down the row and chose what dishes you wanted to try. In the same room, there was a live band playing Greek music, and some kids doing traditional dancing, which was a lot of fun to watch. It was just so jubilant.
But, it took us about 45 minutes to get through the long, snaking line just to get to the food! They had pictures along the walls of the various dishes, so I spend my time agonizing over what I would get and mulling over the names and images. Chris ended up getting the special of the night, a skewer of marinated lamb and rice pilaf. I got a real conglamoration of food. Some rice pilaf, which was quite good, especially with the sauce from the Greek-style meatballs I tried. (I forget the name.) I had a piece of spanakopita, of course, which was buttery and wonderful. And I tried a little rice with spiced, wrapped in a marinated grape leave…I forget the name. That was ok, but they were served cold, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if it were warm. Overall, though, the food was just as wonderful as we had heard. We bought some assorted pastries to take home, some with fruit filling and plenty of baklava for later!

Since it was so good, I drug Chris back on Wednesday night for another dinner. This time I have a gyro…I had never had one before. Meat, tomato, lettuce, and tzatziki–which was amazing. I wanted to just take the tzatziki home with me. So good! We also got these little fried balls of dough, which were then coated in a honey sauce and cinnimon and served warm…little fried bits of happiness. Overall, it was quite a tasty adventure!

No new recipes from me for now. Things have been really hectic around here so I really haven’t been cooking much at all, let alone new things or indepth dishes. I hope to cook a little better as the school year winds to a close and summer begins. My body is started to get tired of taking a backseat to the piles of papers that need my little red marks on them. =) Anyone have any suggestions for meals that are really quick, easy, but yet somewhat healthy and tasty? Any tried and true faves?


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  1. I know this is going to seem kinda silly, or maybe it won’t. This is one of my most favorite things – sauce with meatballs. I make it on a Saturday or a Sunday. And then you say so what…then I have a sauce leftover. Usually a pretty good amount, not to mention the meatballs. Which is awesome because later in the week, I can make some quick easy meatball sub-sandwiches. I also like to get a package of english muffins and some mozzarella cheese to make some mini pizzas in the oven. I also go pick up a package of frozen breaded chicken tenders for some quick chicken parmigiana. There is always the option of having the leftover macaroni/spaghetti as well.
    I don’t know if this is what you meant by quick and easy…but maybe it helps some.

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