Bento Love

I got the cutest little bento box for my birthday. It’s beige, with little maroon and white flowers on top. Just a few. Not enough to be frilly and girlie, and they look like “traditional” Japanese flowers, not something cartoony. There are two trays, a top one with a tight lid that rests against a little ledge, so as not to crush the contents of the lower tray. They nest together. There’s even a little maroon elastic to hold it together. So yesterday and today I made myself adorable little bento lunches and life was happy. I went out a few days ago to pick up some supplies at Michaels: a little hole punch in a star shape to punch out nori, some cute tiny star cookie cutters, and even mini-muffin trays. Too cute. I should have taken pictures.

Top tray–I sliced up some apples and pears, then tossed with some orange juice to keep them from turning brown
Bottom tray–I put some crackers in the middle, then in muffin cups on either side I had cut up cheese in one and fruit snacks in the other.

Top tray–I crinkle but some carrots and used one of my tiny star cookie-cutters to punch little red and green pepper stars. They were the highlight of my meal. I also had some frozen shrimp that I fried in a little bit of olive oil and italian seasoning.
Bottom tray–sushi rice with a tiny bit of soy sauce for flavor.

I guess I figure if I have to eat alone and work over lunch, I might as well have a lunch that makes me smile! =)


4 responses

  1. Someone stole my idea!
    I almost got you a bento box for your birthday because you had mentioned wanting one, but then I saw the strawberries in Target and they were just too cute to pass up. But, I’m glad someone picked up on the not-so-subtle hint 😉

    • Re: Someone stole my idea!
      The strawberries were simply too cute and are sitting happily on my desk at school! I heart them.
      And honestly, I wasn’t even trying to drop hints. It was only about a week after all my lusting after a bento, when I sat down and thought about buying one, that I thought–wow, I was totally not suble about that. Maybe I’ll see if I get one for my birthday. I figured if I didn’t, I would make it a first-real-paycheck gift to myself. 😉

  2. bento box happiness
    ‘sounds like the bento box was a perfect gift for someone like you. The lunches you described sound wonderful…the little compartments help to keep everything in perfect order, not touching each other to confuse the taste or mix flavors. I love the fact that you take the time to make your food not only taste good, but look inviting as well. Very cool, my foodie friend, very cool, indeed!

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