Happiest Pre-Made Dinner

I’ve had a craving for pad thai lately. [If you’re never had it, it’s this wonderful Thai food (go figure) that is a little bit sweet, made with a peanuty sauce, and usually has rice noodles, some sort of meat, sprouts, and some other stuff tossed in.) I don’t know why I wanted it so badly. I just love it and haven’t had it in a while, and I was thinking on how I could make it. But the only trouble with that is…well, ok, there are two. First off, it uses bizarre ingredients like “fish sauce” that I don’t know where I would find and could only use for that recipe. Secondly, Chris isn’t a huge fan of it, so I’m not about to spend all sorts of time and money on something I know he won’t really enjoy, if he’d eat it at all.

After getting my first paycheck yesterday and feeling a little splurge-ish, and also a little solitary and adventurous knowing Chris was away at a retreat, I headed over to the grocery store (love Giant Eagle) to check out what prepackaged thing I could get and hopefully make do. I ended up finding a little jar of pad thai sauce, thus taking away the hard part of the recipe! It ended up being a delicious meal and totally satisfied my craving. Well, not totally. I think I might make it again for lunch tomorrow. 😉

I boiled the rice noodles as instructed by my little jar of sauce. I was supposed to rinse them in cold water and I didn’t–I think this made them stick together a little too much, so I’ll try that next time. Then I scrambled a little egg–I’d skip that next time, and maybe try some very thinly sliced carrot. Fried up a little frozen shrimp in a touch of oil, until warm and just getting brown on the outside, then added in the noodles and a few spoonfuls of the sauce. Tossed that over low heat for a few minutes, enough to get everything nice and hot and let the noodles soak up the sauce. Threw in some spouts for a minute, then topped with peanuts I crushed using the flat side of a butter knife. (I had bought peanuts in the shell for the squirrels, but figured I could eat a few, too. 😉 ) Then I sat down just in time to watch Alton talk about scallops and enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful meal.

It was totally cheating, but I still feel vaguely multicultural.

Ooh, I also came across a neat little coffee shop in Squirrel Hill, where I got 4 quarter-pound bags of various coffees. (Mom, I must take you there. And if you bring some little containers, I’ll let you try a little of my coffees.) I got caramel, creme brulee, snickerdoodle, and chocolate fudge. I tried the caramel this morning, and it smelled divine…but tasted weak! I think my coffee-making process is partially to blame–I have a little single-cup filter which is really handy, quick, and easy to store, but probably doesn’t make the best coffee. Basically it’s a little plastic holder that you put a small filter in, put in the grounds, and then add hot water. The water runs through the ground and the filter, through a little hole in the bottom of the plastic piece, and into my cup. Simple, but it works. Any suggestions on how I could get a better cup with the stuff I’ve got?


4 responses

  1. just like a food tv professional chef…
    Wow, you make it sound so delicious. You also sound just like a professional giving advice on a food tv show. I can just picture it all, ‘ can even smell the aroma using your well-described technique of cooking. You are a perfect example of a true “foodie”. You must have had a really good background of home cooked meals, a deep appreciation of good food, and enjoy the thrill of mastering the art of find cooking. Well done!
    Also, exploring new coffee shops can be fun! A suggestion to making a better cup of coffee using your single-serving device: if it seems too weak, why not try to add more coffee, that should give it a deep, richer taste using the same amount of water. Be sure to let it flow through the filter completely before pouring it into your favorite coffee cup….enjoy!

    • Re: just like a food tv professional chef…
      *lol* Thanks. That’s quite a compliment, and it made me smile. I would say that I have indeed had a good background of homecooked meals and someone to share that love of food with me 😉
      Also, I tried the more coffee thing this morning. This coffee was more flavorful–then again, I tried it with a different kind, so I guess it’s hard to tell what made the difference. But I’ll do that from now on. =) Thanks!

  2. Mmmm… Pad Thai… Makes me think of Amy’s. I concur with the “Use more coffee” advice. My other observation is that sometimes flavored coffees are just plain weak no matter what you do with them… I prefer unlflavored kinds like Kenyan AA… tasty stuff.

    • You know, I never got to try pad thai at Amy’s. I was still a little leery of Thai food then. Silly me. The “use more coffee” thing worked, I think. I do have a soft spot for the flavored coffees. Some of the unflavored ones end up just a bit too bitter for me, and I don’t like to add sugar to my coffee–makes it too, well, sugary.
      Hope all is going well for you down there! =) And then new icon and new little family member is just adorable!

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