More rice goodness

My rice bowls are the cutest things ever. Really. I should take a picture of them one day with my happy rice in them. And I must look like the most absurd thing ever when I try to eat from my little rice bowl with the chopsticks Danasan gave to me. It makes me see why, in movies or anime or anything, you see people holding their rice bowls off the table and eating with them very close to their face. It’s because this American thing of keeping the food on the table just doesn’t work! Those extra few feet mean no rice makes it to Suzy’s hungry, rice-loving mouth. ^_^*

Speaking of Suzy love, I’m also loving the rice I got at the Japanese market. It says it’s sushi rice, but I use it for regular dishes. I think that I’d need to add a few other ingredients to make it actually taste like sushi rice. But it has the stickiness of it, and just more flavor than normal “American” white rice. I like the basmati rice I have, but this is even a little better, and the grains are shorter and a little plumper. Chris was too cute, talking like a little foodie about how this was so much better and more flavorful than silly Uncle Ben’s rice and he likes it. Oh, wait–I’m not supposed to call him cute. It was rugged and manly. Yes, that’s it.

Anyways, I have a recipe again for you! It’s happy, and we had it with (guess what?) rice and broccoli. We just had the left-overs for lunch and it was happy. The onion gets a little more concentrated and nearly too much, so I might add a little water if I were reheating it next time. But the flavor is good the first time around, and it’s really easy…

2 tsp vegetable oil
about 1 lb chicken breast
1/2 c Catalina dressing
1/2 c apricot jam
1/2 package (3 tbsp) dry onion soup mix

Brown chicken lightly in oil. (I never do this and it turns out just fine…)
Mix dressing, jam, and soup mix. Place chicken in a glass baking dish and pour mixture on top. Bake at 350 for 45 min or until done. (That’s all. Seriously.)


2 responses

  1. ‘ sounds yummy, and so quick and easy. It must be nice to have specialty stores near you to get those items not found in a typical grocery store.
    ‘ been on the run a lot, not cooking very much. Glad autumn will be here soon to get cooking some real hearty, delicious meals. =)

    • It is both yummy and easy. You should give it a try sometime if you need a quick meal. And I do enjoy having the specialy stores near me. I hope to branch out in my cooking a little bit, too, sometime, when I have a chance to look up some recipes. I could try some real Japanese dishes with that market close by, and there’s an Indian market within walking distance if I want to try and make some Indian food sometime. All sorts of neat stuff around!
      You’ll have to keep me posted and what yuo try, if anything. =)

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